Adding Value to your Power Purchase Agreements


Types of Power Purchase Agreements

  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP)
  • Anaerobic digestion, including sewage and landfill gas
  • Hydro generators
  • Solar PV
  • Wind turbines


Fixed and Flexible Power Purchase Agreements

Maximise all market opportunities to make the most of your generating assets.

Competitive Rates available adding considerable value to your Investment.  Earn up to a third more per year for your exported power.  Very competitive PPA contracts for HYDRO, WIND, SOLAR, CHP & AD PLANTS


Enrol  your AD Plant in our unique grid balancing service at any time even if we are not your current PPA provider.


Vale Energy works closely with small to large scale energy generators across the UK achieving excellent rates for your exported power that can earn thousands in additional income.


For new installations Vale Energy is experienced and can assisting in arranging your export meter (Meter Operator Provider MOP)


PPA contracts available on flexible and fixed terms:



Flexible Price PPA

Power price is tracked in the energy market on a daily basis. This provides the flexibility to take advantage of price fluctuations and to achieve a greater optimisation of your generation profile. Ideal for clients to maximise their returns or generators with new or uncertain export capabilities. The fully flexible option will allow you to track wholesale power prices and fix at any time during the contract period.



Fixed price PPA

Power price is locked in at time of contract signing. This option allows you to know exactly what you will receive over the duration of the contract. Ideal for clients with known export capabilities with added security of a fixed price for the contract period.


Grid Balancing

Supporting the National Grid to offer generators access to all available grid balancing opportunities. By being flexible with their energy export, generators can earn significant new revenue streams and help to keep the grid balanced.


Recent Power Purchase Agreements contacts arranged.

Solar Power, Hydro, Wind farms, CHP,

Anaerobic Digestion,

Fixed and flexible options.


Very Competitive Rates.

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